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Linda Greenwood

Are You Ready To Leave Your Comfort Zone?

When the question comes to mind, what if I tried? Do you know how to leave your comfort zone? This webinar, Leaving Your Comfort Zone, you will learn what a comfort zone is, and how to take steps to try something new. Hear the testimonial of an entrepreneur's experience when they started their business. This webinar also offers tips on how to leave your comfort zone and take that step of faith. (Price, 2020)

Press Release

My Story

Don’t know how to move forward?  You’ve been inspired by circumstances and situations to create something and you want to make a difference. You want to share what you have created with as many people as possible.

I’m Linda and I’m a media personality and broadcasting consultant. Also author of the book, “Joy in the Morning” and an entrepreneur.  I am originally from South Carolina and currently call Greensboro, North Carolina home. I graduated from American University in Washington, DC. I also have a Master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from University of Maryland College Park, Masters of Music Business, Berklee College of Music and working on a Master’s in Public Relations, Full Sail University.

I assist individuals, businesses and organizations with creating, planning and executing public relations and social media strategies.  From ideation to implementation I can come alongside and assist with moving your public relations and social media campaigns forward.

If someone needed help getting the word out or wanted to know more details about what is happening or how to make it happen, I get these calls and inquiries all the time. I’m a go to girl.  Sharing with the appropriate audience that could benefit the most from what you have to present is something I am passionate about.  That has turned into a 30 plus year career in various positions in radio broadcasting, arts and entertainment.

Can I let you in on a secret, I’m really a public servant.  Ready and willing to serve you and assist with all your public relations needs. When can I get started? 

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