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Mike Teezy

Michael Eric James Tyree, better known as Mike Teezy, is an upcoming, gospel artist on the scene who is making a tremendous impact upon the body of Christ. Both young and old alike, all around the world, admire and appreciate his unique flow, compassion for the people, and his lyrics that push the envelope of Gospel music, as we know it.


Rapper, singer/songwriter, musician, dancer, and producer; Mike Teezy was born a Charleston, West Virginia native. Birthed into a musically inclined family, Mike Teezy was destined to discover his gifts and talents. Although his gifts weren’t revealed right away, he knew that God had a plan and a purpose for his life. In search of his destiny, Mike Teezy wrote his very first song entitled “Show Me Your Way,” which is featured on his debut album, Child of God

Mike Teezy loves to share his musical gift and rap artistry with the world. His desire is to compose songs that touch the heart, minister to the soul and causes a person to change. By sharing the love of God and his personal testimony of God’s miraculous working power, many people have found a renewed faith by the impact of his music.

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