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Zions Joy

Zion’s Joy! is comprised of melodious voices whose mission is to sing and testify of God’s goodness, mercy and salvation to all. Their purpose and ministry is to lift the name of Jesus higher, letting all who hear, know of his soon return. The theme of Zion’s Joy! is taken from Isaiah 51:3 where it concludes that in Zion “joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody”.


The line-up of Zion’s Joy! includes sopranos Kay Insley, Juanyette Jones, and Camille McKnight. Altos are Karen Hall, Sharon Rimmer, and Shelyse White. Tenors include Patrick Taylor, Jeffery Porter and Richard O. Jackson. And baritones include Freddie Bolden and Robert W. Stevenson. 


Zion’s Joy! was founded by Robert W. Stevenson in 2008 (initially named Zion’s Voice) and was featured on the song “Praise Him in the Dance” from Richard O. Jackson’s debut CD release, He Who’s Invisible. Zion’s Joy! has taken their ministry to numerous churches and venues across Indiana as well as other cities throughout the United States. 


With a blend of tight, rich harmonies, and powerful lead vocals, Zion’s Joy! delivers a unique brand of old and new school gospel / contemporary Christian music. Indiana Gospel Music Association president Ken Gates describes their live ministry performance as “electric, moving, and a must see.”


The members of Zion’s Joy! are active in their churches and have answered the call to go spread the Word of God to the masses. They long to encourage and see everyone give his/her heart to Christ. With Zion’s Joy!, every listener will hear the heart beat of praise, worship, salvation, and celebration. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Heaven’s voice through Zion’s Joy!  

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