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The App That Saves You Time! Flipboard.

Flipboard is a free app with no subscription upgrade offerings at this time. Flipboard also offers a desktop version. Both versions allow you as a PR professional to collect magazine stories based on topics that interest you. As much as you might want to, you may not have time to read all of the magazines that interest you from cover to cover. Well Flipboard has solved that problem for you. Flipboard gives you a large variety of categories by hashtag to choose your topics from such as News, Sports, Business, Technology, Entrepreneurship, African American Voices, Education, Football, Basketball, Faith, NBA, Life-Style, Science, Travel, Fashion, Photography, Food, Personal Finance, Entertainment, Health, Celebrity News, Shopping, Home, Music, Autos, Self-Improvement, Gaming, Computer Science, Design, Investing, Books, Gear & Gadgets, Fitness, DIY, Out-Doors, Space, How-To, World Economy, Humor, Military, Apple, Android News, World News, TV, Beauty, Sleep, Breakthroughs, Productivity, Parenting, Psychology, Dogs, Cats, History, Nutrition, World Leaders, Adventure Travel, Architecture, Relationships, Crafting, Climate Change, Home Improvement, Foreign Policy, Scientific Research, Mental Health, Nature, Baking Culture, Startups, Innovations, Marriage, Energy, Emerging Technology and more. Flipboard also tells you how many people follow the various topics. Once you have selected the topics of interest, Flipboard gathers the stories for you.


Once this is done just click on the icon for the selected category and start flipping through the stories at your convenience. Not only, can you collect stories on Flipboard but you might also want to consider becoming a publisher and sharing your original content with the Flipboard audience. (, 2022) Flipboard gives you data on each story such as the number of likes and how many flips it has received. You can like the story, share the story, copy the link and email the story.

(Forsberg, 2022)

You can also do a search for additional topics and add them to your list. Flipboard also has a category called Inside Flipboard that gives you their picks of stories for you to consider. You can also receive push notifications. Once you set up a profile you can create your own magazine of stories that interest you. You can also share your magazine of stories with others. Flipboard is a very nice free app that can not only help you save a lot of time as a PR professional but also collect and stay up on the latest stories in your favorite categories.

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